Welcome Back My Out of Balance Passengers:

There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day right now. It’s as if we are trying to make up for lost productivity during the pandemic and are completely ignoring the fact that it’s still going on.

Welcome Back My Crunchy Passengers:

All was not well in my world last week. It was a hard week. A long week. And by Friday night, I was done. I had one call move three times in the matter of an hour. When I finally talked to the guy, he…

Welcome Back My Role Modeling Passengers:

Over the summer I mentioned a new venture I was contemplating (you can read about the tease here). On Friday I had my first externally facing meeting as part of that new venture and it went great. …

Welcome Back My Love Laboring Passengers:

circa fall 2004

What do you work for? Why do you do what you do every day?

Something on Friday got me thinking about labors of love. I’d like to think it wasn’t as simple as Labor Day weekend, but it might have been. The first three…

Welcome Back My In-Motion Passengers:

Violet, my aging brindle sidekick, truly appreciates the little things in life.

The walks. The snacks. The snuggles under the covers. Rolling in the grass. Sleeping in the sun. And nuzzling our cat Zuko first thing in the morning.

It takes so little to make…

Welcome Back My Observant Passengers:

Friday night we trekked up to the top of this hill in San Francisco to appreciate the wondrous view and as you can see, there wasn’t much to appreciate due to some pretty heavy summer fog, typical for summer in San Francisco.

As a goal…

Welcome Back My Explorer Passengers:

I’m a Norcal baby through and through. So is my husband Zeke.

We road-tripped to LA this past weekend to see our son Adam and take him and his roommate to the Oakland Athetlics / Anaheim Angels baseball game. (Spoiler alert: A’s took the series).

Welcome Back My Persistent Passengers:

While this isn’t Dory from Finding Nemo, this fierce and determined looking turtle is sending the same message: just keep swimming.

I continue to research and pursue the CEO opportunity I mentioned last week. Each day I am learning more. Each day I have a…

Welcome Back My Deep Diving Passengers:

I am contemplating a new venture which is requiring a deep dive into a new industry and taking the risk of a either a sky dive or like diving into the deep end of a pool from a really high platform. All of these…

Terri Mead

IT consultant, expert witness, YouTuber, helicopter pilot. Making the world a better place, especially for women. Award winning author of Piloting Your Life.

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